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Solutions Meet 2023 - LATAM

KLG's remarkable Solutions Meet took place in Mexico on 3rd and 4th August 2023

KLG recently organized a highly successful roadshow, "Solutions Meet," in Mexico City on 3rd and 4th August. The event aimed not only to showcase the latest advancements in Industrial Networking, Smart Power Solutions, and Smart Control Systems but also to create a dynamic platform for active interaction and engagement with the audience. Attended by industry experts, partners and end users the roadshow provided valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

After the welcome speech by Jorge Rentaria, the Sales Director of LATAM and Leo Chen, the Vice President of Products & Solutions, the roadshow commenced with an engaging session on Industrial Networking Solutions, featuring captivating live demos and insightful presentations. Attendees witnessed firsthand the power of seamless connectivity and efficient data transmission, highlighting the pivotal role of Industrial Networking in enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

The spotlight then shifted to Smart Power Solutions, where KLG Company introduced the groundbreaking Time Synchronization Solution for smart substations. The presentation also unveiled the company's state-of-the-art Smart Substation Automation Solution, demonstrating its commitment to delivering sustainable and intelligent solutions for the energy sector. The audiences were left impressed by the potential of these innovations to revolutionize the power industry.The final session of the roadshow centered around Smart Control Solutions, illustrating how KLG Company's advanced technologies are enabling smarter and more responsive control systems. The session delved into real-world applications of smart control systems, highlighting their role in optimizing processes, reducing downtime, and maximizing efficiency across various industries. The Solutions Meet roadshow concluded with a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities, leaving participants inspired and well-informed about the latest advancements in technology, marking a successful day of learning and collaboration.

We are excited to bring the success of our 'Solutions Meet' roadshow to new regions," said Leo Chen, Vice President of Products & Solutions at KLG. "The enthusiasm and engagement from attendees in Mexico City have confirmed the value of this event in facilitating knowledge exchange and exploring cutting-edge solutions. We look forward to connecting with professionals and experts in various regions to further expand our impact."

Details regarding the upcoming "Solutions Meet" roadshow in other regions, including dates and locations, will be announced in the coming months. KLG Company is committed to providing a platform for continuous learning, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas across different geographies.

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