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Traffic Control Server
Product Overview

HOURSIS2025 is an up-to-date product by introducing the proven Industrial Internet techniques. It intensively integrates traffic control, traffic detection,traffic mage process, traffic cloud data process and etc. in the way of network + computation mode with the built-in control strategies. It can be adapted to the complex traffic management and control sites and compliant with NTCIP protocols.


Key Features

CPU Processor: 2 quad-core industrial CPUs
Clock: Supports high-accuracy industrial calibration
Driver Board: 12 individual two-wire Ethernet I/Os, 24V DC output, 240V AC output
Network Connection: 4 1000Mbps fibers, 8 RJ45s. 12 two-wire ethernets
Serial Port: 8 RS-485s
Multiple Outdoor Cabinet Available

Technical Specification
Edge Computing Supplies rich computing ability, supports secondary customization and
Applied with real-time operating system, being able to handle concurrent
processing for multi tasks
Coexistence of multiple business Being able to handle concurrent tasks including traffic control, video
processing, violation monitoring, data retrieval
Data Storage Build-in SSD
May be expanded up to 2TB
Controling Methods Acutated Control
Planned Acutated Control
Cableless Link (CLF)
Centralized Control
Local Optimized Control
Pedestrian Control
Manual Control
Emergency Call Control
Priority Control
Detector Connection Standard IO ports
Serial ports
Wired and wireless networks
Timing Plan Support Up to 128 timing plans may be stored
Up to 32 steps for each plans
Customizable lamp sequences
May control multiple intersections with one machine
Schedule Support Up to 16 date-time schedule
Up to 16 64 events plans
Clock Calibration GPS or high-accuracy center clock calibration
Equipments Driver Support more than 32 phases drivers
Support more than 64 detectors input
Product specifications
Technical Standards GB25280
Safety Protection Individual amber flashing
Individual conflict detection
Double power supply
Ports Standards Two-wired ethernet ports 2ESDV-08P
24V DC 2ESDV-08P
220V AC 2ESDV-08P
RS485 2ESDV-08P
IO inputs 2ESDV-08P
1000Mbps ethernet ports 10/100/1000Base-T(X)
100Mbps ethernet ports 10/100bpsRJ45
Lights Legends Front side:
Running: RUN
220V AC: 220AC OUT1/OUT2
Phase **: P**
Detector **:D**
Power 220V AC
Structure Casement, Metal
Cooling, Passive Radiating
Installation, Standard 19” outdoor cabinet
Working Environment Working Temperature -20 ~ +65 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +105 ℃
Warranty Warranty 3 years
Mechanical Drawing

Ordering Information