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Yan'an 330KV Smart Substation
Company: State Grid Corporation
Location: Yan'an, China

The intellectual reform project of Yan'an 330KV substation is a pilot project of smart grid construction of State Grid Corporation. It is also the first project in China to get one 330KV substation reformed into a smart substation. After the construction, the whole substation realizes IEEE1588 clock synchronization, digital data collecting and sharing, unified communication, information platform, complete substation automatic control, along with real time data analysis.

System Requirements

Large amount of Sampled Value that needs to be synchronized
Real-time data transmission especially GOOSE packet 
The reliability of data transmission, zero packet loss during a long period of time
Precision time synchronization
Radiation disturbance due to high density of devices
Harsh EMC environments
Extreme operating temperature


Kyland Solution

The diagram below depicts Yan'an 330KV smart substation topology. In the 330KV high voltage part and main transformer part, there are dual redundant networks for both Goose and SV (Sampled Value) network. Two different protection devices are connected to the different networks to achieve full redundancy. In the low voltage part, there is a single Goose network and SV network for a united protection and measuring control device. The whole substation applied 54 SICOM3024PT realizing IEEE1588 v2 precision clock synchronization. This ensures the high reliability of the Busbar Differential Protection.

Kyland's IEEE 1588 v2 successfully solves the following challenging issues: 
1.  Using an Ethernet network to propagate the timing signals, eliminating the extra cabling requirements of IRIG-B.   
2.  Using mechanisms that dramatically increase accuracy by accounting for switching time and peer to peer propagation delays that occur as the timing signals traverse the network, and the accuracy achieves nanoseconds range. 
3.Using transparent clocks in Ethernet switches that eliminate the need for end-to-end delay measurement, reducing traffic congestion and eliminating switch jitter.
4. Provides the greatest accuracy of network based time transfer systems that is required for a substation SV process bus.

Why Kyland
  • IEEE1588 v2
  • Clock synchronization passes through VLANs
  • Supports dual GPS clock sources and clock source auto shifting
  • EMC industrial level 4
  • Zero packet loss
  • Exceeds IEC61850 & IEEE1613
  • Appropriate division of VLANs according to protection and measuring control logic
  • GMRP
  • Bandwidth and data transmission optimization – QoS
  • Anti broadcast storm according to different data source types
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