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New Product Launch
Kyland launches a new generation industrial server —NEWPRE
NEWPRE industrial server integrates the real-time and non-real-time control systems in one platform,such as edge computing, process control, industrial vision, motion control, protocol conversion, etc. It is characterized by integration, intelligence, real-time and flexible expansion which make leading enterprises more powerful, and also help industrial manufacturing enterprises to stand at a higher starting point and give full play to the advantages of agile innovation.
Win-Win Cooperation
Joining hands with Intel, to paint a colorful future for the intelligent industry
As an important global partner of Intel in the field of industrial Internet and a member of the Intel IOT Solutions Alliance, KYLAND is going to show case of the software defined control based on virtualization technology and sharing the best practices of industrial control transformation: an industrial server virtualize 20 PLCs to complete motion control under AI visual recognition.
Innovative Products
4 star products fulfill the potential of industrial integration and intelligence
The Neural Network Server for Smart City
Robust platform integrating smart sensors and software to enable smart city applications such as city emergency management, zone base adoptive intelligent traffic management, other big date driven applications
As an edge computing server for smart city, HOURSIS integrates edge computing, IOT platform, localized big data and AI control, and becomes an intelligent node of a smart city's neural network. It supports intelligent traffic adaptive management, flexible access to various city IOT sensing terminals, and flexible loading of city management applications which can be the access and management platform for city management.
The Edge Computing Server for Smart Grid
  • All in one of measurement, control, protection, communication to reduce legacy devices, lower construction and operation cost
  • High reliability, ease of maintenance, high scalability, future proof, and flexibility of integrating renewable energy source
HYPERIE, an edge computing server for smart grid, innovatively integrates edge computing, software defined control, big data and other technologies into the grid control system. It integrates the functions of primary equipment monitoring, protection, measurement, remote motors, switches and other substation secondary equipment, bringing revolutionary changes to the safe operation, management and maintenance of the power grid.
The Edge Computing Server for Industrial Control
  • All in one of edge computing, process control, motion control and machine vision
  • 50usCycle time for mission critical control
  • MaVIEW— Drag and drop graphical programming
  • -40 ~ 75 °C wide temperature operation, IP40 protection
NEWPRE, an edge computing server for industrial control, truly realizes intelligent manufacturing by software defined control, reduces investment costs and operating costs, flexibly expands production line applications and improves industrial production efficiency.
The Ideal Chocle for Industrial Network
IEC61158-Type 28,IEC61784-CP22
AUTBUS, a real-time high bandwidth fieldbus, is a perfect combination of the advantages of traditional industrial fieldbus and Ethernet bus. AUTBUS is based on IPv6 two-wire broadband bus technology, with sufficient bandwidth (100 M+) and a minimum 8us data cycle period to support critical real-time missions. AUTBUS initiated by KYLAND has now become an international standard: IEC61158- Type 28, IEC61784- CP 22.
Exhibition Overview
Kyland Exhibition:HALL 6, B46 ; Kyland Exhibition in Intel:HALL6, D46
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