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Key Technologies


Industrial Internet based


Combining edge computing, adaptive blockchain traffic dispatch algorithm, image identification, data sharing, IPv6 broadband bus


Unifying the intelligent traffic network perception and the artificial intelligent algorithm of city brain bus


KYLAND designs for its customers software for traffic intelligent servers using Internet technology; KYLAND uses a variety of techniques, such as data collecting and modeling, to analyze computer systems for management and control of traffic problems; KYLAND provides consultation of information technology in field of solving the traffic congestion.
The average traffic speed can achieve6-10%improvement.
By deploying HOURSIS System, the whole Beijing city can Save about 1,170 tons fuel consumption per day
Save about359tons pollutant emmission per day.
Hardware Innovations
Modular Design
  • For flexible expansion and adjustment with multi-functions
  • Unified/easy management & control
  • Saving your cost not only for hardware devices, but also for maintenance
Wiring Innovations
IPv6 Based Two Wire Bus Structure
  • Realize the power supply and data communication in a two-wire cable
  • Ultimately simplify the wiring installation
  • Effectively saving the engineering & maintenance cost
Algorithms Innovations
Traditional Algorithm
  • Centralized computation and management
  • Static sectors as computation unit
  • Based on linear model
  • Seconds level clock synchronization accuracy
HOURSIS Algorithm
  • Edge cloud computation, networked control
  • Dynamic sectors as computation unit
  • Based on networked model
  • Microseconds level real time clock synchronization
Management Innovations
Traditional Management
Traditional Workflow
HOURSIS Workflow
HOURSIS System supports all International traffic standards including NTCIP, UTMC, GB20999 etc.

System Internection: Mode 1

  • Software:To modify server communication protocols
  • Hardware:Complies with US NEMA ATC & European Standards
  • Accessable System:NTCIP, UTMC systems

System Internection: Mode 2

  • Software:To develop sub-control serversoftware, and all HOURSIS servers can join in through this sub-control server
  • Hardware:Complies with US NEMA ATC & European Standards
  • Accessable System:NTCIP, UTMC systems

System Internection: Mode 3

  • Software:Develop 3rd party controller interface borad, and update CPU
  • Accessable System:Need further evaluationcase by case
  • Suppor t protocol development for the compatibility
Built-in firewall system to provide basic network security
User authentication mechanism to prevent trespassing
Device authentication mechanism to prevent Internet piracy
Support of SSL secure communications mechanisms to guarantee the communication reliability security
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