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Kyland Technology's Aquam series redefines the Ethernet Train Backbone Network!

  • Date:2020-12-22
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      Train inauguration is a key technology contributing to flexible capacity, The most important is to solve the communication problem between recombination trains! With the development of industrial Internet technology, the new Ethernet backbone network can replace the wire train bus, and use the layer 3 switch is used as the backbone node to undertake the data transmission between trains.......


      Industry Background
      Train communication network system is a kind of connected vehicle equipment and vehicle data communication system oriented to control system. As the core part of distributed train control and diagnosis system, many computer-controlled components on the train are connected to realize information exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of unified control, diagnosis and resource sharing.

       Currently, most train communication networks still use Wire Train Bus (WTB) and Multi-functional Vehicle Bus (MVB), as to achieve train level and vehicle level data communication. With the massive application of ethernet in industrial communications, IEC61375 define new communication networks based on its high bandwidth characteristics: train backbone network (ETB) and ethernet consist network (ECN), used to replace existing WTB and MVB network bus. ETB use layer 3 switch (ETBN) to realize data forwarding of backbone network, ECN use layer 2 switch to realize data forwarding in consist network.

Figure. WTB and MVB Bus Architecture

      The simple TCN architecture as shown in the following figure, the two trains belong to different marshalling, each of which has two redundant ETBN and one ECN, in which ECN use layer 2 switch to form the ladder network to achieve high reliability and high availability.

      Kyland Solution
      To complete the train inauguration, the ETBN switch need to meet IEC61375-2-5 and IEC61375-2-3 standards, to provide TTDP (Train Topology Discovery Protocol), R-NAT, TTDB (Train Topology Database), ECSP (ETB Control Service Provider) and TRDP (Train Real-time data protocol) functions, and thus realize the automatic allocation of IP address, routing learning, topology learning, train topology confirmation/modification, database query etc. of terminal equipment. ECN switch needs to meet the IEC 61375-3-4 standards to achieve a variety of topology types of networking, such as ring network, ladder network. 

      Aquam8612/8620/8628-ETBN series industrial ETBN vehicle switches, developed by Kyland, it is an industrial ethernet switch designed for rail transit industry. not only meets the EN50155 standard and EN45545 standard, but also meets the IEC61375-2-5, -2-3, and -3-4 standards, while supporting TTDP, TTDB, ECSP and TRDP functions. Additionally, it meets the IP65 protection level, is waterproof and shockproof and fully meets the application requirements for different scenarios.

      The detail technical parameters are as follows:

  •       NO.1 Port configure to 4G+8/4G+16/4G+24,four gigabit ports of them are 2 pairs power off Bypass ports. 
  •       NO.2 Meet EN50155 standards, with IP65 protection grade, waterproof and seismic, suitable for harsh vehicle use environment.
  •       NO.3 Meet IEC61375-2-5 and IEC61375-2-3 standards, support TTDP、TTDB、ECSP and TRDP.
  •       NO.4 Support DHCP Server,VRRP and high performance NAT and other functions to fully meet the requirements of each train recombination of the application scenario.