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Light up wisdom! Kyland Technology won the first Industrial Internet Contest

  • Date:2019-12-06
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On December 3rd, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, In the first China Industrial Internet Competition, hosted by the Organizing Committee of the China Industrial Internet Competition, Kyland Technology won the highest honor with a prize of RMB 1 million for " The software defined control and process based industrial internet solution ".



A total of 1,009 programs were registered for the contest, and 20 made it to the finals. After being reviewed by an expert team consisting of 14 academicians, more than 70 well-known domestic companies' CTOs and financial investment institutions, the Intelligent Manufacturing Team of the Central Academy of Science and Technology of Kyland won the first prize of the competition with " The software defined control and process based industrial internet solution ", and Vice Minister Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Governor of Gao Xingfu, academician Ni Guangnan , presented the award.

Award-winning " The software defined control and process based industrial internet solution " is the world's leading original next-generation intelligent industrial control platform architecture solution, representing the future of intelligent industry development. From communication chips, buses and control networks, control servers, operating systems, to the application software which are all independently developed by Kyland Technology Co., Ltd., with independent intellectual property rights and complete security and controllability.

The system uses IPv6 / TSN communication technology to realize the unification of industrial control field communication protocols; software-defined control of industrial servers, the unification of the platform controller hardware architecture; and the industrial Internet operating system to unify the industrial application software bearing platform. This system realizes the interconnection of the machine world, the realization of software-defined industrial control, creates conditions for the application of 5G in the industrial field, and lays the foundation for the promotion of artificial intelligence in the industrial field.

Prior to the competition, "The software defined control and process based industrial internet solution" won widespread attention and high recognition from the global industry at the Hannover Global Industrial Expo in Germany, the Smart City Show in Barcelona, Spain, in November and the SPS International Industrial Automation Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, in November. East Earth Technologies and Intel, the world's largest CPU chip company, have signed a global strategic partnership based on software-defined controls and CPU chips.


Chairman of Kyland Technology Li Ping and Global President of Intel Industrial Solutions Christine


Kyland Technology won the championship through this competition, which once again reflects the entire industry's high recognition of Kyland 's Internet technology leadership.  Kyland 's "The software defined control and process based industrial internet solutions" will definitely have a profound impact on the transformation of industrial control technology and create new opportunities for the global development of our industrial control technology.  Structural adjustments, as well as intelligent upgrades, contribute to their own applications.

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