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Kyland seizes the commanding heights of Intelligent Transportation

  • Date:2018-12-17
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On June 4 - 7, Intelligent Transportation Society of America 2018 was successfully held in Detroit, USA. ITS America is an important conference of American Intelligent Transportation System. It is committed to promoting the research and development of Intelligent Transportation Technology, aiming at saving lives, improving traffic conditions and promoting sustainable development, to make future traffic safer, environmental and intelligent. As the leader of China's industrial Internet supplier, Kyland, together with the world's first HAOURSIS 2025 Intelligent Transportation Platform, made an appearance and won the attention and praise of the participants.

HOURSIS integrates edge computing, block chain traffic scheduling adaptive algorithm, image recognition, data sharing, two-wire broadband bus based on IPv6 and other technologies. By collecting, processing, publishing, exchanging, analyzing and utilizing information, HOURSIS provides diversified services such as traffic information service, signal control, situation monitoring, inspection and control, assistant decision-making, and improves the whole traffic. Efficiency, travel comfort and reduces environment pollution.

HAOURSIS Intelligent Transportation Platform

Kyland’s stand has attracted the attention of a large number of professionals. Many intellegent transportation enterprises of USA have visited the stand and expressed their willingness to cooperate with Kyland in the future.