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Wichita Traffic Goes Green and Saves Dollars with 500 Kyland SICOM3170 Traffic Switches

  • Date:2010-06-06
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Kyland announces that its Kyland SICOM3170 Switch has been selected by the City of Wichita, Kansas. The multi-million dollar Intelligent Traffic system project will install approximately 500 of the Kyland SICOM3170 Ethernet Traffic Switches. By using the SICOM3170 switch designed for use in a detector rack – the City of Wichita will save ,000.00 annually in electricity costs alone compared to other products. The SICOM3170 uses just 7.2 watts in operating power. The Intelligent Traffic Project puts the City of Wichita in the forefront of the GREEN REVOLUTION and 21st Century Traffic Systems. When the traffic project is completed the City of Wichita, Kansas will have one of the most advanced traffic systems in the United States. The SICOM 3170 switch was selected as the winner in the following categories of switch selection: 

1. Green Operation – Using the Kyland SICOM3170 the City of Wichita saves ,000.00 annually in electricity costs. (Smallest Carbon footprint of any Industrial Ethernet Switch) 
2. Ease of Installation – the SICOM3170 can be fully installed in less than 1 minute. This saves on both installation and maintenance costs. 
3. 5 Year Warranty – Kyland’s products come with a full 5 Year Warranty (not a fake lifetime warranty) 
4. Green Manufacturing – RoHS manufactured 
5. Best Performance – best performance of any Industrial Switch in throughput and features 
6. ROI – Based on electricity and installation costs – the SICOM3170 pays for itself in annual cost savings. 
7. Best Temperature Ratings and IEC Certifications 
8. Best EMI or Electromagnetic Interference Rating (EMI Industrial Level 4) 
9. Best Ingress Protection – IP40 Certified 
10. IEC 61850 Certified / IEEE 1613 Certified

Called the “SICOM3170”, this Managed Ethernet Traffic switch offers a significant increase in the application and bandwidth capabilities of the highly configurable Kyland SICOM line of Managed Industrial Ethernet switches. This is the perfect traffic switch for the deployment of bandwidth-intensive applications such as internal and external video surveillance at traffic intersections and regional control systems. This network switch can be installed in less than 1 minute into any traffic cabinet with an open dual slot in a detector input chassis. Clean filtered power is provided directly from the back-plane of the detector chassis and eliminates adding to the mess of additional power supplies and power cables within the traffic cabinet. The SICOM 3170, developed and engineered in Kansas City, Missouri, is the easiest and fastest to deploy Industrial Ethernet network switch. 

1. Supports 2 One Gigabit – SFP Ports for broadband connectivity 


2. Supports 1 RJ45 10/100/1000 Port 
3. Supports 7 RJ45 10/100 Ports 
4. Available for both 12Vdc and 24Vdc cabinets (12Vdc is for NEMA cabinets) 
5. EZ Installation (slide it into the chassis and it immediately powers up) 
6. Operating Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) 
7. No Power supply or electrical connections to worry about (Saves time & $$ on installation costs) 
8. It Saves Space in already overcrowded cabinets and shelves. 
9. Easy IP-addressable connectivity 
10. Ultra-Low Power Consumption, the switch uses less than 8 Watts 
11. 4th Generation Custom ASICS for high reliability and low power consumption 
12. Supports both Rapid Spanning Tree and DT Ring for Redundancy 
13. Compatible with the interface requirements in the Caltrans TEES (170/332) specification. 
14. RoHS (Green product in design, manufacture and operation)