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Kyland announces the successful acquisition of DigiGrid

  • Date:2013-12-26
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Beijing, December 26, 2013--Kyland, the leading industrial Ethernet communication solution provider, has recently announced the successful acquisition of Shanghai DigiGrid Information Technology Co., Ltd., the leading intelligent communication and time synchronization solution provider, by investing 50 million RMB (around 8.18 million USD) and owning 51% of DigiGrid’s shareholdings. DigiGrid has formally become Kyland’s holding subsidiary and Kyland’s CEO Mr. Li Ping has become the CEO of DigiGrid. 
As a high-tech corporation, Shanghai DigiGrid Information Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in developing hardware and software of communication control products and system integration services for power utility and industrial automation business. The DigiGrid series products, including smart industrial automation equipment, industrial-grade CPU board member, Beidou/GPS precision clock, time synchronization, online monitoring instruments and high precision synchronization time tester, have passed the testing of China Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and have been widely deployed in 1000kV/750kV UHV and 500kV/400kV EHV main power grid in China, USA, Asia-Pacific, and other regions.