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Smart City
Product Overview

One network, one cloud, one control center... This is Kyland’s solution for a smart city

Kyland uses industrial networking technology to create safe, reliable, and unified information platforms for smart cities. Our systems allow simultaneous coordination of urban traffic, security, infrastructure, and management, ensuring that smart cities can operate at high efficiency.

Our industrial communication technology creates a reliable Internet of Things that can withstand harsh environments. In a smart city, this industrial IoT broadband forms a highly connected neural network.

Our cloud service uses big data sharing platforms to collect real-time data on traffic, security monitoring, infrastructure, safe production, public services, environmental monitoring, and so on. Once collected, the data undergoes deep analysis, digging, and processing.

Our control center combines military and civilian uses, and serves as a center for both urban management and emergency operations. It supports a number of different systems for countering communication interference. The center and its data are available anywhere, anytime, allowing leaders to react swiftly to emergencies.


Smart Traffic

Using industrial Internet technology to integrate edge computing, video recognition, sensor analysis, block chain, and self-adaptive AI technology, Kyland has developed a new generation of smart traffic management networks. Giving a unique IP address to every traffic light, surveillance camera, and sensor, it enables smart configuration, management, and reporting. The synchronized servers placed at every intersection provide the technological underpinning needed to monitor vehicles and perform facial recognition. This amounts to a revolution in the efficiency of city management.


Smart security and administration

Kyland uses low power LoRa wireless technology and highly reliable Ethernet technology to create network nodes that monitor all areas including infrastructure, safety, production, resources, and environment. Our IoT cloud platform enables remote management of the monitored systems. It ensures that infrastructure stays efficient and production is safe, thus strengthening the city’s ability to prepare for and respond to emergencies.


Emergency Command Center

The Kyland command system merges military and civilian technologies, enabling a unified response to emergencies. It provides an array of functions and capabilities, such as integrated audio and video analysis; decision making and command modes; united response to accidents and natural disasters; low bandwidth emergency communications; active prevention; accurate forecasting; fast reaction time; and high efficiency emergency management.


Big data on population behavior

Kyland leads the field in China in big data analysis of mobile behavior. Our platform, which uses big data to accurately locate mobile units, was successfully used at the G20 meeting in Hangzhou and in comprehensive Internet quality services, as well as in other areas such as smart travel, Internet finance, and commercial districts. Our cloud service center, which processes signaling data for mobile-phone operators, provides government and industry clients with a big data platform for analyzing population behavior.


Uses in Skynet and judicial systems

Kyland provides secure and reliable audio and video systems that have a raft of flexible functions. Our systems are used in: China’s Skynet project, at Tiananmen gate, the Belt and Road Meeting Center, and remote monitoring. They are also used in the judicial systems of Shanxi and Fujian provinces.


Smart cities, being livable and friendly to students and entrepreneurs, represent humanity’s greatest ideals. By providing innovative solutions for smart cities, Kyland helps create a better urban environment.




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