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Time server supports high precision reference clock, which can be synchronized to absolute time such as GPS or BDS (Beidou Satellite System), GLONASS. It also supports OCXO or Rubidium. Time server offers more time signals and interfaces for the system or device which need time scale. At the same time, time server supports time status monitor and time management by IEC 61850, IEC60870, DNP and SNMP.

Key Features

GPS, BDS, GLONASS, IRIG-B, PTP etc., can be used as time source
TCXO, OCXO or Rubidium features
Safety and reliable multiple source selection algorithm
1PPS/1PPM/1PPH output
IRIG-B-DC/AC output
Idle Contact time output
1PPS+TOD time output
RS-232/485 serial port output
NTP/SNTP output
PTP V2 output
Screen display(3U-Touch Screen/1U-LCD Screen)
Alarm contact output
Dual power supplies

Software Functions

High Precision Time AccuracyMultiple time sources automatic selection
Time coding format consistency
No time output signals at initial status
Time adjustment step up to 200ns/s
Leap second indicator and adjustment
Time source bump detection
Monitoring by IEC 61850,104, SNMP
Ethernet port isolation feature
Ethernet port broadcast and multicast storm pressure feature
All kinds of time signals output feature
Long time stability feature
Hold performance feature
Channel delay compensation feature
Industrial grade design for harsh environment
SpecificationsSignal, Interface & Accuracy
1PPS: Fiber <=60ns, TTL <=60ns, Differential <=0.5us, Contact <=3us
IRIG-B: Fiber <=60ns, TTL <=60ns, AC(3-12V,3:1-6:1) <=3us,   Differential<=0.5us
Serial Signal: RS 232 <=10us, RS 485 <=10us
NTP: Ethernet <=50us
PTP: Ethernet <=50ns
Hardware FeaturesEMC Level 4
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 75°C (-4 to 158°F)
Storage Temperature: - 40°C to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Humidity: 5%-95%, non-condensing
MTBF: 50000hrs
Power Supply: 85-256VAC/DC, dual redundant power supplies
WxHxD: 483 x 135 x 280mm (19 x 5.31 x 11.02inch)
Weight: 8kg
Installation: 3U 19’’ rack mount
WxHxD: 483 x 45 x 280mm (19 x 1.77 x 11.02inch)
Weight: 4.5kg
Installation: 1U 19’’ rack-mount
W*H*D: 483mm x 45mm x 280mm
Weight: 4.5kg
Installation: standard 1U, 19"

Ordering Information

Please refer to the datasheet.