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DG-D60, the comprehensive multi-function intelligent terminal unit, is designed to serve as the monitoring, control and protection units for power distribution network, substation and power plants. Compliant with the sophisticated smart grid and IEC 61850 standards, DG-D60 is fully equipped with plug and play, intelligent configuration and robust protection features.

Key Features
Power distribution monitoring, control and protection
Comprehensive voltage and current protection, reclosing and synchronization
Programmable logical control
Power quality monitoring
Data encryption and decryption communications
Versatile time synchronization technologies
Rich communication interfaces and protocols
Optional Colorful LCD HMI for status, data and curve display
Optional wireless connectivity


Robust and Fully Integrated Hardware & SoftwareDual-core ARM-based CPU and real-time OS
64M SDRAM, 9M Flash and optional 4GB TF card for historical data storage
Programmable control logic via windows-based configuration tool
Protection relay
Fault recorder
Power quality and energy efficiency monitoring
Rich Communication Capability2xRS232/485   serial ports and 1xCAN bus
2×10/100Base-Tx and 2×100Base SFP Ethernet ports
Optional Wi-Fi and/or GPRS/3G/4G module (Wi-Fi only for LAN)
Supports IEC 61850 MMS/GOOSE, IEC60870-5-101/103/104, DNP 3.0 with Secure Authentication v2, Modbus
Remote Configuration & Maintenance AbilitySupports remote maintenance and configuration (through Windowsbased tool, Mobile App or Web page)
Optional colorful LCD HMI
Time Synchronization

NTP v2/v3


Versatile I/O interfaces5, 8, or 16 I/O slots (inclusive 1 slot for Power and 1 for MCU)
AC Current (Ia/Ib/Ic/In): up to 12 circuits
AC Voltage (Va/Vb/Vc/Vn): up to 12 circuits
Analog (I/V) Input: up to 48
Analog (I/V) Output: up to 48
Digital Input: up to 192
Digital (Control) Output: up to 96
AC Measurement16-bit simultaneous ADC
Ia, Ib, Ic, In, Va, Vb, Vc, Vn
1st~25th harmonic
Analog Measurement 16-bit simultaneous ADC
Supports 4~20mA / 0~±5V / 0~±10V
Analog Output16-bit simultaneous ADC
Supports 0~20mA or 4~20mA
Digital Input1ms SOE resolution
Supports BCD
Supports pulse accumulation
Digital (Control) OutputSBO(Select-Before-Operate)
Supports dual-pole control output
Supports direct contact output
Supports pulse output
Supports latch output
Control circuit supervision
Full Function ProtectionPhase instant/inverse-time/directional over current protection
Phase low/over voltage protection
Zero sequence instant/inverse-time over current protection
Low/High frequency protection
Auto-reclosing and phase sychronism check
Supports scheme logic, fault location isolation and restoration
Fault recording
EMCVoltage:   220V DC/AC, 24V DC
Power: typical about 15w
Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Insulation coordination for measuring relays and protection
equipment IEC 60255-5, DLT 721-2000, 2500V
Oscillatory waves immunity IEC-61000-4-12 Level 4
Voltage dips IEC 61000-2-8, Level 3
Transient immunity IEC 61000-4-4, Level 4
Surge immunity IEC 61000-4-5, Level 4
Electrostatic discharge immunity IEC 61000-4-2, Level 4
Power frequency magnetic fields immunity IEC 61000-4-8, Level 4
Single input energizing quantity measuring relays with dependent specified time IEC 60255-4, DLT 721-2000 5kV (1.2/50 μs), 5s
Electromagnetic field immunity IEC61000-4-3

Ordering Information

ChassisDG-D60-5: 5 slots (3 slots for I/O modules)
DG-D60-8: 8 slots (6 slots for I/O modules)
DG-D60-16: 16 slots (14 slots for I/O modules)
PowerDGM-LV : 18~72VDC
DGM-HV : 100~300VDC / 80~260VAC
CPUDGM-CPU: DEFAULT (IEC 60870-5-101/104, DNP3.0, Modbus)
DGM-CPU-A*: DEFAULT + IEC 61850 MMS Server
WirelessDGM-WiFi: WiFi only
DGM-3G*: WiFi + 3G
DIDGM-1601: 16DI, DC24V
DGM-1602: 16DI, DC48V
DGM-1603: 16DI, DC110V
DGM-1604: 16DI, DC220V
DODGM-2801: 8DO, DO-220VDC/5A
DGM-2802: 8DO, DO-220VAC/5A
DGM-2803*: 8DO, DO-220VAC/10A
DIODGM-3101: 6DI+4DO, DI-24VDC, DO-220VDC/5A
DGM-3102: 6DI+4DO, DI-24VDC, DO-220VAC/5A
DGM-3103*: 6DI+4DO, DI-24VDC, DO-220VAC/10A
DGM-3111: 6DI+4DO, DI-48VDC, DO-220VDC/5A
DGM-3112: 6DI+4DO, DI-48VDC, DO-220VAC/5A
DGM-3113*: 6DI+4DO, DI-48VDC, DO-220VAC/10A
DGM-3121: 6DI+4DO, DI-110VDC, DO-220VDC/5A
DGM-3122: 6DI+4DO, DI-110VDC, DO-220VAC/5A
DGM-3123*: 6DI+4DO, DI-110VDC, DO-220VAC/10A
DGM-3131: 6DI+4DO, DI-220VDC, DO-220VDC/5A
DGM-3132: 6DI+4DO, DI-220VDC, DO-220VAC/5A
DGM-3133*: 6DI+4DO, DI-220VDC, DO-220VAC/10A
ACDGM-6801: 8CT, CT-1A-20In
DGM-6802: 8CT, CT-5A-20In
DGM-6811: 8PT, PT-100V-1.5Un
DGM-6812: 8PT, PT-220V-1.5Un
DGM-6813: 8PT, PT-380V-1.5Un
DGM-6821: 4CT+4PT, CT-1A-20In, PT-100V-1.5Un
DGM-6822: 4CT+4PT, CT-5A-20In, PT-100V-1.5Un
DGM-6823: 4CT+4PT, CT-1A-20In, PT-220V-1.5Un
DGM-6824: 4CT+4PT, CT-5A-20In, PT-220V-1.5Un
DGM-6825: 4CT+4PT, CT-1A-20In, PT-380V-1.5Un
DGM-6826: 4CT+4PT, CT-5A-20In, PT-380V-1.5Un
AIDGM-4801: 8AI, 0-20mA
DGM-4802: 8AI, ±5V
DGM-4803: 8AI, ±10V
AODGM-5801: 8AO, 0-20mA