IEC61850 Substation Automation Solutions 发送询盘

Digital/intelligent substation is made up of intelligent primary equipment and network secondary equipments based on IEC 61850 communication protocol built substations can be implemented within the information sharing and interoperability between intelligent electrical equipment for the modernization of the substation.Is reliable and intelligent communication network in the transmission and distribution for large area power substation in key success factors.Because of the special environment and substation automation system, communication network in the substation automation system must have rapid real-time response ability, high reliability, good emc performance and high

System Diagram

Kyland Solution

Compliant with IEC61850-3 & IEEE1613
Zero packet loss with GOOSE message
Supports fast fault recovery ring topology
Supports SNTP server/client

Why Kyland

    ● Wide product range: Modularly designed rack mount switches and DIN-Rail models with high voltage input
    ● Compliant with IEC61850-3 and IEEE 1613
    ● Supports NTP , precise time sync IEEE1588v2 and ITU-T.G.8261/G.8262 (Sync-E)
    ● Supports redundancy protocols: IEC62439-3(HSR/PRP), IEC62439-6(DRP), DT-Ring family, RSTP
    ● Multi-service platform for switches and time server with GPS and IRIG-B modules
    ● Built-in IEC61850 data modeling with MMS server for device management
    ● Supports legacy RS232/485/422 serial connections combined with data switching

Products list

  • SICOM3028GPT


    28 Port Layer 2/3 Managed Rack Mountable Modular Switches

  • SICOM3024P


    24+4G Port Layer 2 Managed Rack Mountable Switches

  • SICOM3000


    8+2G Port Layer 2 Managed DIN-Rail Switches