Converged Network System for Railway Communications Backbone 发送询盘

The Railway backbone network always carries versatile applications, such as PIS/PA, BAS, FAS, CCTV,IT,ISCS, video conference and data communications, which are transmitted through SONET/SDH or Ethernet.It is getting more and more popular to convergetele-com and data-com into one big network.

System Diagram

Kyland Solution

 ● Deterministic communications  for versatile applications
 ● Diverse interfaces for dierent services
 ● Large uplink bandwidth up to 10G
 ● Ring topology for redundancy
 ● Easy management and maintenance
 ● Steady end-to-end service assurance and bandwidth management
 ● Network  segregation  to  isolate vital and non-vital services

Why Kyland

Supports MPLS-TP and  IP/MPLS, L2VPN, L3VPN functions

Supports both Ethernet and E1 interfaces

Provides IEEE 802.1x, TACACS+, RADIUS, ACL, SSH, SSL, SNMPv3 security technologies

Supports various  ring  technologies based on ITU-T G.8132 for network protection with recovery time < 50ms

Supports end-to-end MPLS-TP PW/LSP/section  layer OAM

Supports service quality control, priority mapping according to DSCP,   IP,   EXP of MPLS,  802.1p;  PQ,  WFQ,  PQ+WFQ

queue scheduling;committed access rate (CAR) and traffic classi&shy;cation, hierarchical QoS (HQoS)

Supports time synchronization protocol, such as  IEEE1588, NTP , ITU-T.G.8261/8262 with accuracy down to 10ns


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