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Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city 110KV Substation
Company: State Grid
System Integrator: Beijing Sifang Automation
Location: Tianjin, China

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city is the result of a collaborative agreement between China and Singapore to jointly develop a socially harmonious, environmentally friendly and resource conserving city in China. Designed to be practical, replicable and scalable, the Tianjin Eco-city will demonstrate the determination of both countries in tackling environmental protection, resource and energy conservation, and sustainable development, and serve as a model for sustainable development for other cities in China. The Smart Grid Project in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city was started in April 2010. The total load in Tianjin Eco-city is estimated to be 411.25MW, i.e. 12.02MW/km2 load density. The renewable generation will take 24.62% of the total generation to meet the planning requirements of the Eco-city.

System Requirements

State Grid Class A certification
IEEE1588v2 precision clock synchronization solution with accuracy less than 200ns
Zero-packet-loss Ethernet switches for mission-critical GOOSE transmissions
IEC61850-3 & IEEE1613 compliant
EMC industrial level 4, resistant to harsh substation environments: strong EMI, extreme temperature variation, and high surge

Kyland Solution

State Grid Class A has very strict requirements for Ethernet switches especially on EMC industrial level 4, which includes zero packet loss performance on both copper and fiber ports. Mission critical devices such as protective relaying systems must perform without error during the application under EMI stress. Kyland developed technology allows the substation LAN to perform without losing a single packet of data when exposed to EMI stress such as inductive load switching, lightening strikes, ground potential rise resulting from high current fault conditions within the substation, and a variety of other EMI phenomena commonly encountered in the substation. Kyland is also the manufacturer that has the prime solutions, which passed State Grid Class A certification withstanding all of the EMI type tests required by IEC 61850-3 without experiencing any communications loss or delays. 

SICOM3024P and SICOM3024PT industrial Ethernet switches are deployed in this project. SICOM3024P, which has passed KEMA test for IEC61850-3 & IEEE1613 compliant, is installed at the station level to form a doubly redundant network backbone with dual-tree topology for substantial reliability. SICOM3024PT is a precision clock synchronization solution of IEC61850 compliant managed industrial Ethernet switch specifically designed to operate stably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding utility substation and industrial environments. It is installed at the Process Level to integrate the SMV, GOOSE and IEEE1588v2 into one network that enables all the data sharing within the same Ethernet network. Zero packet loss for GOOSE transmission is maintained in both of these devices. In addition, SICOM3024PT uses IEEE1588 v2 transparent clock functionality for nanosecond accuracy synchronization of SMV streams while eliminating the extra cabling requirements of IRIG-B to propagate highly accurate timing signals. 

Why Kyland

Zero-packet-loss Ethernet switches for mission-critical GOOSE transmissions passed State Grid Class A certification
Nanoseconds accuracy precision clock synchronization solution ensures high reliability of the protection system of smart substation
High port density (24+4G) solution tremendously reduces the number of the Ethernet switches needed for the entire system, and each port supports IEEE1588v2
Supports Boundary Clock (BC), E2E Transparent Clock (TC-E2E), P2P Transparent Clock (TC-P2P)


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