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Digital Oil & Gas Field Communication Network Solutions

With the advent of the digital oil & gas concept there is now an increased requirement for secure communications. A reliable and stable automation network is important for effcient production, limited downtime and effective remote management. All structures and offices throughout the oil & gas complex must have access to real time production data, field device status and other real time communications through a hardwired or wireless network. Traditional SCADA networks monitor and control
the production process while a real time Ethernet backbone manages and transports larger data streams like video and data collection while providing a layer of redundancy and security.

System Requirements

● Industrial level design offering security, reliability and stability for harsh environments
● Ethernet backbone network capable of transmitting large IP data such as video, voice and service data
● Self-healing network, quick recovery after network failure
● Secure network, protects system monitoring from deliberate attack
● Powerful network management for detection of network failures

Why Kyland

● Industrial level design, wide operating temperature -40~85℃
● Low power consumption, ATEX/IECEx certified
● Auto-negotiable gigabit network, supports Jumbo frame, real-time data collection, video and voice transmission
● Supports IEC62439-3(HSR/PRP), IEC62439-6(DRP), network recovery time < 20 ms
● Supports network security protocols, encrypted data transmission and access control, IEEE802.1X, Radius, TACACS+, etc
● Supports link detection, VCT(virtual cable test), remote maintenance and monitoring for network devices

Recommended Products