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The Light of Wisdom Shines in Barcelona, Distributed Brain Empowering Smart City

  • Date:2019-12-09
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From November 19th to 21st, the 9th Smart City Expo World Congress opened in Barcelona.


Kyland Technology debuts smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona


With the theme of "City of Dreams", the exhibition advocates "Digital Transformation, Urban Environmental Governance, Transportation and Communication Development, Urban Management", and the theme of "Innovation Leads Smart Urban Change" and the theme of Kyland Technology's participation "Innovation leads to smart city transformation"  In combination, Kyland takes the full-stack solution of "Smart City Based on Distributed Edge Computing Brain" as its core, and fully demonstrated the "traffic area adaptive algorithm, fusion emergency management system, software-defined urban functions, industrial broadband bus protocol" and other core technologies, and released the "marginal distributed urban brain" Software defines urban functions" smart city development strategy, focusing on the real pain points of modern cities: management, transportation, security, communication, digital integration, so that the key applications of smart cities one by one

Management: Distributed Edge Brain enables software to define urban functions and build smart city neural sections. Kyland’s intelligent transportation server aims to create a distributed urban brain, and innovatively introduces edge computing and software-defined urban functions to urban management.  NewPre edge computing server can realize intelligent connection and efficient management of massive unattended terminals in different industries through software-defined control architecture.


Brazil/Spain/Hungary and other countries customer on-site exchanges


Transportation: Regional adaptive traffic dispatch algorithms based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology solve the problem of urban congestion. Hoursis intelligent traffic server based on network computing model, using edge computing and decentralized technology, each intersection decision is associated with the surrounding intersection information and decision-making, the relevant results are completed automatically in the local time, fully reflects the blocking point-centered adaptive control.


President of the University of Macau, Mr. Song Yonghua


Security: Multimedia Converged Emergency Management Solutions make cities more agile and secure. Kyalnd’s Emergency Management System achieves the coordination of urban emergency management, completes real-time monitoring and early warning, multi-dimensional situational awareness, overall coordination linkage, rapid focus on the emergency command and response system, improves the emergency mechanism and capability of all-round monitoring and monitoring, active prevention, rapid response and efficient disposal.


Massimo Vilari, Mayor of Sicily, Italy


Communications: High-performance broadband buses are "neural networks" that build around every corner of the city. AUTBUS high-performance broadband bus has the advantages of traditional industrial field bus two-wire transmission, simple installation, with Ethernet bandwidth of up to 100Mbps, transmission distance of up to 500 meters, AUTBUS bus technology can reduce the wiring cost by 60%, and increase construction efficiency by 30%.


Nico Graf, Bosch ITK Engineering, Germany


Digital convergence: Intewell's intelligent operating system accelerates the intelligence of urban management, making the city an organic life. Intewell's intelligent operating system accelerates the full stack of Internet of Things from the terminal to the platform. Suitable for multiple scenarios of terminal, edge control and application platform, with complete OS capabilities, you can better support smart city full stack solutions.


Diana Blass, Chief Correspondent, Kurrant Insights, USA


Chairman Li Ping of Kyland Technology said that the security of post-intelligent cities is first of all network security, urban Internet of Things is the foundation of building urban basic network, and the secure and controllable network chip/operating system provides the basic guarantee for the security of the urban Internet of Things to ensure the normal operation of urban functions. On this basis, Hoursis intelligent transportation server and NewPre edge computing server will become the distributed brain of smart city, become the carrying platform of software-defined city function, and play a more powerful and comprehensive guarantee and support for the intelligent city management field such as emergency management, intelligent transportation, urban Internet of Things and so on.


Dreams into reality, the reality of the Kyland Technology with hard nuclear strength is realizing the "dream city."