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Choose Kyland, Choose Green Ethernet

  • Date:2010-12-04
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Kyland has successfully released its full Green Ethernet solutions on the SPS/IPC/Drives 2010. During the fair, Kyland new entry level portfolios tailored for European market have attracted lots of interests. Smaller size, more solid appearance, new side panel painting design, enriched models and features, and improved performance cost ratio have given customers enough surprises. More significantly, Kyland brought the Green Ethernet idea to the customers that all Kyland new portfolios will reduce the power consumption with a huge amount compared with not only its old portfolios but also all the competitors. The idea of saving power and offering Green Ethernet solutions has become the main value Kyland want to bring to all customers.


Power Consumption Comparison:

Besides the entry level Green Ethernet solutions, Kyland in train EN50155 solutions and 10ns accuracy precision time synchronization solutions also attracts lots of interests.