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High-precision Timing Test Analyzer
Product Overview

ePT-100 time test set is a portable time test instrument designed to provide PTP, NTP, IRIG-B, PPS, pulse frequency, pulse width, SOE, idle contact timing test and provide PPS, IRIG-B, NTP, PTP(OC/TC/BC, E2E/P2P) time output. ePT-100 time test set supports IEC 61850 SV/GOOSE message time performance test to get message delay over Ethernet. ePT-100 time test set has high precision measurement reference clock which can be synchronized to absolute time such as GPS, BDS etc. and relevant time such as PTP, IRIG-B, serial time etc. It is equipped with Rubidium for stable hold feature. ePT-100 time test set provides network protocol capturing and analyzing features for user to solve all kinds of Ethernet communication issues. All captured messages with high precision time tag are saved as standard format files such as PCAP, CSV etc. ePT-100 time test set with more functions is easy to take because of its small size and light weight. The built-in battery makes it work without external power supply. ePT-100 time test set is designed for any time synchronization system and IEC 61850 system. It is a useful auxiliary tool to help user do more IEEE 1588 (PTP) and IEC 61850 researches. ePT-100 time test set has HMI to help user easier to analyze data by trend, histogram etc. It supports internal and external storage. All timing test data are saved into a standard file which are easier to reload and analyze manually. All screens also can be captured manually. All test result statistics can be shown as average, offset value etc.

Key Features
GPS, BDS, GLONASS etc. external time sources
PTP, IRIG-B, Serial Code etc. external time sources
Rubidium for hold performances
PPS, IRIG-B, Serial, NTP, PTP etc. time output
PPS, IRIG-B(DC/AC) etc. timing test
NTP, PTP etc. network timing test
1PPS+TOD, serial Code etc. timing test
Pulse frequency, pulse width, SOE etc. timing test
IRIG-B code and decode monitoring and storage
IEC61850 SV/GOOSE time performance test
Switch PTP message resident time test
Multiple Merge Units time performance test
Network protocol capturing and storage(PCAP/CSV)
Idle contact input/output SOE measurement
Time performance analyzer software
Digital scope feature
Screen capture feature
Built-in battery
Specification Internal Satellite synchronization <=30ns(utc)
Hold performance <=2us/day
1PPS output <=30ns
PPS Timing <=20ns, Resolution: 1ns
Pulse Width Measurement <=20ns, Resolution: 1ns
IRIG-B-DC Timing <=20ns, Resolution: 1ns
IRIG-B-AC Timing <=1us, Resolution: 1ns
1PPS+TOD Timing <=20ns, Resolution: 1ns
Start Bit+Serial Code Timing <=1us, Resolution: 1ns
NTP Timing <=1us, Resolution: 8ns
PTP Timing <=20ns, Resolution: 8ns
SOE <=10us, Resolution: 1ns
IEC61850 SV/GOOSE: 0.1us
Internal Storage >=2G
Screen Snapshot: Yes
Built-in Battery >=4 Hours
Dimensions: 469 x 312 x 150 mm (18.46 x 12.28 x 5.91 inch)
Interface 1PPS+TOD/IRIG-B/Seiral: RS422/RS232, RJ45, 2 Input/Output
1PPS/IRIG-B/Frequency: TTL, BNC, 3 Input/ 4 Output
1PPS/IRIG-B/Frequency: Fiber, ST, 3 Input/ 5 Output
IRIG-B: AC, BNC, 2 Input / 1 Output
2 100/1000M RJ45/SFP Combo Ethernet
DI/ DO: Idle Contact, Terminator, 2 Input/Output
Auxiliary Power: 24/48/110/220VDC, Terminator, 4 Sets
Storage Interface: USB2. 0
System Maintenance Interface: RS232 RJ45
Mechanical Drawing
Ordering Information

Please refer to the datasheet.