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IEC61850 Power Communication Solutions

The Richest KEMA Certified Ethernet switches compliance with IEC61850-3 & IEEE1613


KEMA certified 8+2G port layer 2 IEC61850 managed DIN-Rail switches support full range of AC/DC power supplies


KEMA certified 9 port layer 2 IEC61850 managed DIN-Rail switches support full range of AC/DC power supplies


KEMA certified 24+4G port layer 2 man-aged rack mountable switches with flexible fiber/copper options


KEMA certified 28G port multi-function layer 2/3 switching platform supports IEEE1588v2, GPS, IRIG-B, HSR/PRP, serial device server


RISC-based Industrial Field Level PC
  • Industrial Cortex-A8 processor, 800MHz basic frequency
  • 512M DDR3 SDRAM, 1GB Flash
  • 2 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports
  • Support VGA display interface
  • Support 2 USB2.0 ports
  • Support SD card memory expansion
  • Support 5/9 functional slots and flexible functional parts
  • Support multiple devices cascading,fulfilling the need of multiple I/O for applications
  • Compact structure design for the industrial environments
  • Embedded temperature sensor for environment temperature monitoring
  • Embedded RTC for backup battery
  • Support embedded Linux/WinCE OS
  • Support -40 to 80°C wide working temperature
  • Analog I/O
  • Digital I/O
  • Pulse I/O
  • Wireless (WIFI, ZigBee, Bluetooth, GPRS/3G/4G)
  • Serial, Ethernet, CAN, FPGA data collection


Managed Redundancy Box
  • Compliant implementation of both PRP (IEC62439-3-4) and HSR (IEC62439-3-5)
  • Supports combo ports as HSR/PRP port
  • Supports hardware based IEEE1588v2.
  • Supports reset button for system reboot
  • Out of Band Management Port.
  • Complies width IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613

Precision Timing Solutions Smart-TMS (Time Management System)


DIN Rail Time Server
  • Compact DIN Rail installation design
  • High Precision Reference Clock as Absolute Time Source (GPS, BDS, GLONASS)
  • Relative Reference Time and External Time
  • Synchronization (PTP, IRIG-B, NTP/SNTP)
  • High precision stable OCXO oscillator with excellent time keeping performance
  • Support PTP,NTP/SNTP,IRIG-B,PPS,TOD output
  • Report time status by SNMP, IEC61850 MMS,IEC60870-5-104, and DNP over TCP etc.
  • Support Web, SNMP etc. management system


Rack Mountable Precision Time Distributor
  • Maximum 2 inputs as redundancy time source for Best Time
  • Source selection
  • Maximum 16 output ports can connect more IEDs
  • Support BNC, Terminal, Optical interface
  • Support IRIG-B signal with B000, B001, B002, B003, B004,B005, B006 and B007
  • Cable delay compensation can be set by manual
  • Alarm contact indicate device status
  • LCD time display
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