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8+4G Port Layer3/2 Managed EN50155 Industrial Ethernet Switches
Product Overview

The Aquam8612/8112 series Layer3/Layer2 EN50155 industrial Ethernet switches, specially designed for rail industries, support up to 8 Fast Ethernet interfaces and 4 Gigabit uplink interfaces, and meet the EN50155, EN50121 and other rail transit industry standards. The switches support IP65 protection class to meet the requirements of dustproof and waterproof performance, and the M12 interface ensures the tightness and the firmness of the port connection, which is especially suitable for applications that are subject to high vibration and shock. 

The Aquam8612/8112 series EN50155 industrial Ethernet switches support up to 120W PoE/PoE+ (IEEE 803.2af, IEEE 802.3at). This power can be increased to 240 W by means of an electrically isolated external power supply, which is available separately. Different redundancy protocols and security mechanisms ensure high-availability and secure data communication. A passive bypass function guarantees that networks remain functional even at multiple points of failure. Further features of the switches, which can be put into operation according to the plug-and-play principle, include high shock and vibration resistance, almost complete insensitivity to electromagnetic interference and a temperature range of -40 ° C to + 70 ° C.

Diagnosis is possible via an internal hardware self-test, different IP/MAC conflict alarms and Syslog. Routing functions include Static Routing, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), and Routing Information Protocol (RIP). Redundancy methods comprise Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), Distributed Redundancy Protocol (DRP), and Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP). The security mechanisms enable for example access control according to IEEE 802.1x, Secure Shell (SSH), and authentication via Radius servers. The Aquam8620/8120 EN50155 industrial Ethernet switches can be widely used in PIS, CCTV, video monitoring system and train control system. They also apply to any other industrial applications of harsh vibration and shock, and high EMC compatibility.

Key Features

Supports a maximum of 4 10/100/1000Base-TX with X-coded M12 connectors and 12 10/100Base-TX ports with D-coded M12 connectors. 
Supports up to 120W PoE/PoE+ (IEEE 802.3af/at) on all 12 10/100Base-TX PoE ports with devices’ own 24VDC/110VDC power supplies, and a maximum of 240W PoE/PoE+ with an external 50-54VDC power supply. 
Supports optional bypass function
Supports RSTP,DRP,MRP ring network redundancy protocols and VRRP
Supports Layer 3 routing protocols such as static Routing, OSPF and RIP
Complies with IEC61375 standard, supports TTDP (Train Topology Discovery Protocol) 
Complies with the requirements of EN50155 and EN50121 industrial standards 
IP65 protection class


Software Functions
Switching Supports static VLAN, Private VLAN
Supports port flow control
Supports speed limit, Broadcast, Multicast, Unknown unicast storm control
Static and dynamic MAC addresses and MAC address aging
Redundancy Supports VRRP
Supports RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)
Supports DRP with recovery time<20ms
Supports MRP (IEC62439-2)
Supports Link Aggregation (LACP, IEEE802.3ad)
Routing Supports Static Routing (L3 Switch only)
Supports OSPF (L3 Switch only)
Supports RIP (L3 Switch only)
Multicast Supports IGMP snooping
Supports GMRP
Supports PIM-SM, PIM-DM
Supports IGMP v2/v3
Network Security Supports IEEE 802.1x(authentication and authorization)
Supports HTTPs/SSL
Supports SSH
Supports a local RADIUS server and also the forwarding of an authentication to an external RADIUS server.
Supports TACACS+
Unicast MAC Filtering
Service Quality Supports ACL
Control and limit the data traffic for each port (as well dependent of the protocol)
Supports 802.1p TOS/DiffServ, Supports SP, WRR queue scheduling
Management and Maintenance Supports Console, Telnet, WEB management methods
Supports SNMP Management, SNMPv1/v2c/v3
SNMPv3 supports DES and AES encryption
Supports TCP/UDP, Ping, Trace route
Supports upload/download for software and configuration by FTP/TFTP/SFTP/HTTP/HTTPs
Supports port mirroring and remote mirror port
Supports LLDP and LLDP MIB(802.1ab)
Supports the configuration of a maximum packet size (MTU)
ICMP, ICMP Router Discovery
Diagnosis Supports internal hardware self-test,
Supports IP/MAC conflict alarm, power failure alarm, port alarm and ring alarm
Supports Syslog, the maximum size of the log file needs to be specified
IP Management Supports IPv4
Supports DHCP server/option12
Supports Port Security over DHCP
Supports DHCP-relay-agent/option 82
Supports BOOTP/Bootstrap Protocol
DHCP Relay Agent Information Option
DHCP Client
Supports DNS (L3 Switch only)
Supports ARP
Supports NAT, NAPT (L3 Switch only)
Clock management Supports SNTP client
Supports NTP client
Characteristic function Supports bypass power failure bypass function
Supports IEC 61375 (ETB) (L3 Switch only)
Support TTDP, R-NAT (L3 Switch only)
Supports Auto-Backup and Configuration
MIB Public MIB: MIB-II, LLDP MIB, ifXTable, dotldBridge, TTDP MIB, RSTP MIB, IGMP snooping MIB, MRP MIB, DRP MIB
Private MIB: kylandPort, kylandDev, KylandAlarm, Private LLD, kylandUpdate, kylandUpdateCfg, kylandDownloadCfg
Technical Specification
Technical Parameter Standard
IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T specification
IEEE 802.3x 10BASE-T full duplex
IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX specification
IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE- T specification
IEEE 802.3af
Switch Properties Priority Queues 8
Number of VLANs 4K
VLAN ID 1~4094
Number of Multicast Groups IPv4:2K
Routing Table IPv4:4K
MAC Table 32K
Packet Buffer 32Mb
Packet Forwarding Rate 9.5Mpps
Switching Delay <10us
Interface Gigabit Port 10/100/1000Base-T(X) - M12 X-coded connector
Bypass 4 ports of the switch offer two Bypass function
Fast Ethernet Port 10/100Base-T(X) - M12 D-coded connector
PoE Support IEEE803.2af
Support IEEE802.3at
Console Port RS232 - M12 A-coded connector
Alarm contact M12 A-coded connector
USB M12 A-coded connector
LED LEDs on Front Panel
Running LED: Run
Alarm LED: Alarm
Power LED: PWR1, PWR2
Interface LED: Link/ACT
POE LED: ACT(POE models only)
Power Requirements Power Input
24VDC/110VDC - M23 connector (for switch power supply)
50~54VDC - M12 connector (for additional isolated power supply)

Power Terminal
M23 connector
M12 connector for optional external power supply

Power Consumption
<18W@110VDC without PoE
<160W@110VDC with 120W PoE

PoE output
Integrated power supply provides 80/120W PoE output.
Additional 120W can be increased by adding isolated external power supply.

Overload Protection Support
Reverse Connection Protection Support
Redundancy Protection Support
Physical Characteristics Housing Metal
cooling Nature cooling, fanless
Protection Class IP65
Dimensions 189mm×270mm×91.3mm(H×W×D)
Weight 3.5Kg
Mounting Wall mounting
Environmental Limits Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Ambient Relative Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Warranty MTBF >300000h (calculation based on Telcordia (Bellcore) SR-332, Issue 2, September 2006)
Warranty Period 5 years
Approvals CE, EN50155, EN45545
Industrial Standard EMI FCC CFR47 Part 15,EN55022/CISPR22,Class A
EMS DIN EN 50121 / DIN EN 55022
Fire protection DIN EN 45545
Safety EN60950-1
Machinery IEC61373 (Vibration and Shock)
IEC60068-2-32 (Free Fall)
Protection class IP65 Based on EN 60529
Hazardous Matreial 2002/95/EG of the EU (RoHS)
Mechanical Drawing

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Product Model


Code Definition

Ordering Codes


1 = Layer 2 Switch

6 = Layer 3 Switch


4x 100M ports support 2 pairs of Bypass function;

4x 1000M ports support 2 pairs of Bypass function for Models with gigabit ports;


12T = 12x 10/100BASE-T(X) M12 port;

4GE8T = 4x 10/100/1000BASE-T(X) M12 port; 8x 10/100BASE-T(X) M12 port;

4T8P =  4x 10/100BASE-T(X) M12 port; 8x 10/100BASE-T(X) M12 PoE port;

4GE8P= 4x 10/100/1000BASE-T(X) M12 port; 8x 10/100BASE-T(X) M12 PoE port;

PS1-PS2 (Power Supply)

H2-H2=110VDC(77-137.5VDC), redundant power inputs

L13-L13=24VDC(16.8-30VDC), redundant power inputs


Accessory Model




Female cable connector with M23, A-Coding, 7 Pin

Power interface Connector


Male cable connector with M12, A-Coding, 4 Pin

Console or USB interface Connector


Male cable connector with M12, A-Coding, 4 Pin

Alarm connector


Male cable connector with M12, D-Coding, 4 Pin

10/100Base-TX interface Connector


Male cable connector with M12, X-Coding, 8 Pin

10/100/1000Base-TX Connector