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Trump your Industrial Networks with Kyland Solutions

  • Date:2020-07-28
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During the ongoing global crisis & travel restrictions due to COVID-19, many of Kyland Technology customers could connect, configure and operate their industrial networks remotely thanks to Kyland NMS (Network Management Software) – Kyvision. With the latest version of Kyvision (FREE on request), our customers can also monitor managed Ethernet devices from 3rd party suppliers as well, making it truly vendor agnostic and future ready.
Kyland Technology (Asia Pacific) has setup a live RSTP network comprising Kyland’s latest SICOM3000A switch series with 3rd party supplied switches in Singapore HQ. This is a real-time network accessible globally over remote connection. Through this setup, Kyland provides detailed explanation and live demonstration of Kyland capabilities of network inoperability, scalability with 3rd party switches and intuitive capabilities. Customers can also connect to this network individually for a closer hands-on experience on configuration parameters, network monitoring features and evaluation of network redundancy. 
Kyland customers from India were invited to participate in “Try & Trump the Network” challenge organized from 11th to 31st May 2020. Most of the 30+ participants from Power Automation industry, could complete the below tasks successfully in less than 5 minutes,

    1.Kyvision NMS configuration to auto detect Kyland & 3rd party make switches & create topology

    2.Verify RSTP status of the ring on 3rd party make switch

    3.Check bandwidth consumption on SICOM3000A using Kyvision NMS

    4.Real-time monitoring of link failure in the active network

Through this live network, Kyland Technology has once again proven to be the preferred, trusted partner for complex, multiple vendor networks due to seamless integration of Kyland devices with ANY 3rd party make networking devices. 
Do you want a FREE version of Kyvision NMS software?
Do you want to remotely access this multi-vendor network for live hands-on experience of interoperability?
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