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Kyvision is the network management software designed by Kyland for monitoring, configuring and maintaining industrial Ethernet switches industrial communication network as well as other RFC1213-compliant devices. Designed according to TMN regulations, its management functions include facility management, alarm management, right management, topology management and configuration management. Meanwhile, Kyvision provides maintenance functions to cope with different access networks such as topology interface, topology connecting display, topology alarm association display, operation diary record and so on, making it more convenient and efficient for users to maintain and update networks.Kyvision is suitable to work on multiple operation platforms such as Windows, Solaris and Linux.

Key Features
High performance network management software,supports 10 users at the same time and can monitor up to1000 devices
Auto-detection of devices, and real-time event alerts to user
Auto-generation of network topology with circular orsquare layout
Supports record and query of operation and system logs
Provides Socket and OPC interfaces for user secondary development
Batch upload and download of configuration files, along with multiple simultaneous software upgrades by built-in FTP server

Product Specifications

Main Interface

Main menu,Toolbar,Topology toolbar, Chinese-English switching button, Alarm quantity bar, Mainnet and subnet buttons, Network topology area, Alarm display area,Navigation tree

Topology   Management

Supports two types of topology: segment topology and designated IP topology
Two-dimensional display of device topology in the topology interface and display of abnormal communication alarms Auto-detection of Kyland and SNMP devices
Auto-generation of network topology through LLDP protocol Provides tools for manual drawing a topology

Configuration   Management


Remote diagnosis of device status,monitoring port running status Remote control of device parameters configuration


Maintenance   Management


Supports software update smoothly
Batch upload and download of configuration files, along with multiple simultaneous software upgrades

Right   Management

Supports user rights,subnet rights and operation rights em   
Requirements locking function                                 
User rights include creating administrator,deleting users and modifying user properties Subnet rights are to assign manageable subnets to existing users
Operation rights locking is similar to user locking function of Windows to prevent illegal logon.
EMS network management provides operation locking and timing locking functions

Alarm Management

Alarm ring notification and alarm confirmation mechanism Supports alarm history query according to subnet,devices,time period
Support alarm data export
Real-time error detection through SNMP or Trap
Emphasizes abnormal devices and connections by particular colors

System   Requirements

CPU: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz
Memory: 1.0G
Available Disk space: 2.0G
Screen: 1024×768
Operation System: Windows XP/WIN 7/WIN2003 Server

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