Offshore Oil Drilling Network Solutions 发送询盘

Offshore oil and gas fixtures long-term work in harsh and complicated Marine environment, influenced by wave, corrosion, erosion, fatigue and other adverse factors, need to be stable and reliable system in real time, continuous monitoring its running state, the network system as the basis of monitoring system of communication facilities, to be in the same environment with stable data transmission services, network equipment should possess in medium and long term stability of wide temperature, corrosion, vibration environment working ability, for SCADA, video, voice and so on many business system provides high-performance communication support.

System Diagram

Kyland Solution

Industrial level design o"ering security, reliability and stability for harsh environments
SCADA and network management software can receive and monitor the state of the pipeline
Remote data monitoring and real-time communication with central system through a stable fiber network
Large bandwidth gigabit backbone network supporting real-time remote transmission of service, video and voice data
Supports network self-healing, quick recovery after network failure, redundant protocols compatible with SDH and fiber systems
Convenient network management and failure detection functions
Industrial grade, wide operating temperature, adapted to harsh environments

Why Kyland

Kyland provides complete network solutions, layer 3 core industrial Ethernet switches and rack-mount/DIN-rail layer 2 industrial Ethernet switches suitable for management centers, !eld stations and valve control
Supports IEC62439-6(DRP), ring network recovery time < 20 ms (Supports SDH system)
Supports Network Management System, Kyvision provides convenient and reliable monitoring of network state and network failure detection
Supports port mirroring, port statistics
EMC level 4, IP40 protection class
Wide operating temperature -40~85ņ , independent redundant power supply
Low power consumption design

Products list

  • SICOM3028GPT


    28 Port Layer 2/3 Managed Rack Mountable Modular Switches

  • Aquam8020


    16+4G Port Layer 2 Managed EN50155 Industry Ethernet Switch

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