Intelligent Transportation Systems 发送询盘

The entire traffic visual control system with video cameras located in strategic selected points of the city have been linked to each other with an optical fiber network, vehicle detectors which use digital image processing, a network of data communication for the local controllers, a Master Coordinator and an Operation Control Center.

System Diagram

Kyland Solution

Serial device server integrated Ethernet switches are required for the communication with the local controllers through at least 4 RS232/485 serial ports

Products should be connected into a redundant ring topology with single mode fiber in order to provide uncompromising reliability against power and network failures.

Engineers are looking for a standard Linux platform that facilitates secondary development and programming and eases the integration of the product into the existing system

Why Kyland

Kyland device server integrated programmable industrial Ethernet switch that fully meets the project requirements.

4 serial ports are flexible RS232 and RS485 combination and easy configurable in the software.

2 fiber ports and 3 copper ports offer the possibility for reliable fiber redundant ring connection and more application expanding.

Fast recovery DT-Ring redundant ring protocol