Digital Oil & Gas Field Communication Network Solutions 发送询盘

With the advent of the digital oil & gas concept there is now an increased requirement for secure communications. A reliable and stable automation network is important for e#cient production, limited downtime and e"ective remote management. All structures and o#ces throughout the oil & gas complex must have access to real time production data, !eld device status and other real time communications through a hardwired or wireless network. Traditional SCADA networks monitor and control the production process while a real time Ethernet backbone manages and transports larger data streams like video and data collection while providing a layer of redundancy and security.

System Diagram

Kyland Solution

Industrial level design o"ering security, reliability and stability for harsh environments
Ethernet backbone network capable of transmitting large IP data such as video, voice and service data
Self-healing network, quick recovery after network failure
Secure network, protects system monitoring from deliberate attack
Powerful network management for detection of network failures

Why Kyland

Industrial level design, wide operating temperature -40~85ņ
Low power consumption, ATEX/IECEx certi!ed Auto-negotiable gigabit network, supports Jumbo frame, real-time data collection, video and voice transmission
Supports IEC62439-3(HSR/PRP), IEC62439-6(DRP), network recovery time < 20 ms
Supports network security protocols, encrypted data transmission and access control, IEEE802.1X, Radius, TACACS+, etc
Supports link detection, VCT(virtual cable test), remote maintenance and monitoring for network devices

Products list

  • SICOM3028GPT


    28 Port Layer 2/3 Managed Rack Mountable Modular Switches

  • SICOM3024P


    24+4G Port Layer 2 Managed Rack Mountable Switches

  • Agate7200


    2G Port DIN rail Industrial Security Ethernet Gateway