Networking Solutions for Mainline Signaling System 发送询盘

Railway signaling system  is the most critical and essential system  for  train control and operation.It was  evolving  from  traditional   relay interlocking towards electronic  interlocking, and moving forward to most sophisticated ERTMS/ETCS Level 3.The communications are also evolving from traditional hard-wire, to serial and now most popular Ethernet communications along the track.

System Diagram

Kyland Solution

● Supports Gigabit Fiber optic Ring topology with  fast self-healing  functionality  in a large-scale network
 ● Able to operate properly under extreme temperature with long sustainability
 ● Able  to  resist  severe electromagnetic interference and surge
 ● Centralized network management software to monitor , to congure and to maintain the network devices remotely
 ● Layer 3 capability  to segarate vital and non-vital networks

Why Kyland

●  Supports wide operating temperature, ranges from -40 to 85℃
● Compliant with EN50121-4, with high EMC resistance
● Supports various Ring  redundant protocols,  like STP/RSTP, MSTP , DT-Ring and IEC62439-6(DRP) protocols
● Uni f ied NMS,   Kyvision3.0  for  network monitoring  and management
● SICOM3028GPT multi-functional platform supports RIP, OSPF layer 3 routing protocols and rich options of interface modules to ease the network expansion and migration


Products list

  • SICOM3000


    8+2G Port Layer 2 Managed DIN-Rail Switches

  • SICOM3306


    6+3G Port Layer 2 Managed DIN-Rail Switches

  • SICOM3028GPT


    28 Port Layer 2/3 Managed Rack Mountable Modular Switches