Shenzhen Zhijun Pharma PV Plant Monitoring System

Project Introduction

PV cells are centralized, and all devices and monitor servers are installed in the sink cabinet. All data are required to be in real-time. 

System Requirements

  Collect the data from inverter cabinet and outdoor environment tester in real-time.

  Real-time video surveillance

 All the management data can be displayed on the monitor in real-time, and all the PV plant and weather information history can be checked and printed.

PV cells and data communication devices can be managed for easy management, test and maintenance. 

Kyland Solution

 Kyland SICOM2024M rack mounted industrial Ethernet switches support 4 100M fiber ports and 24 10/100Base-TX RJ45 ports and IP40 protection class. The MTBF reaches 35 years.

Kyland DG-A4 is selected as the communication server. It supports 2 10/100M Base-T RJ45 ports, 4 RS232/485 serial ports (isolated) and multiple protocols. All collected PV data will be forwarded to the management system and be displayed in the monitor center. Users can check all kinds of PV plant data and history records. 

Why Kyland

Kyland industrial Ethernet devices are specially designed for harsh environments with fanless cooling, IP40 protection class, dust-proof and moisture-proof features. They meet EMC level 4 and MTBF reaches up to 35 years.

Management software provides easy and flexible remote management and maintenance.